October 1985 to January 1995 - TRW Systems (now Northrop Grumman Mission Systems), Omaha, Nebraska, Member of technical staff (MTS) / MTS II / MTS III / Engineer Scientist IV.

  • Worked in a CETS (Contractor Engineering Technical Services) contract for TRW as a consultant to the U.S. Air Force. This work was done for the 513th Test Squadron. It involved providing support for the software packages provided by TRW for testing and verifying the software used in Electronic Warfare Equipment aboard SAC (Strategic Air Command) bombers. Developed programs to collect, scan, analyze, and reduce data from these Avionics packages. Was responsible for training, troubleshooting, and modification of these programs.
  • Programs supported were as follows:
    • TESTEX (Test Execution) used to input data to the EWOTS for processing.
    • SGS (Signal Generation System) used to provide RF signals to the Avionics through the use of the EWOTS.
    • LIBMGR (Library Manager) used to maintain the library of threat signals for the EWOTS.
    • DRAS (Data Reduction and Analysis System) used to reduce and analyze data collected from the Avionics under test.
    • DCTR (Data Collection and Reduction) used to collect and eliminate duplicate data from the Avionics under test.
    • GEWIS (Ground Electronic Warfare Identification System) used to search for information for the threat signals from the
    • EWIR (Electronic Warfare Identification Requirements).
    • And All other programs used by the ETF (Electronic Test Facility).
  • Programs developed were as follows:
    • PREG (Programmable Radar Emitter Generator) an MS-DOS version of the EWOTS used to investigate how the Avionics work.
    • DAAP (Defense Avionics Assessment Program) is a database used to generate quarterly reports.
    • ADAS (Airborne Data Analysis System) and SETS used to collect, scan, search, analyze and print data from Airborne Data Collection Recorders.
    • PRINTBANNER is a general-purpose routine to handle the printing of classified data.
    • AUTODIN EDITOR used to edit the reprogramming tapes for the Avionics and a variety of utility procedures used in these programs.
  • Developed Computed guided data input client program utilizing ADA.