June 1997 to July 2001 - TantaComm Systems, Omaha, Nebraska, Software Engineer.

  • Designed, developed, managed, programmed, tested and maintained a User Interfaces called DartRC, used to control the recording and playback of a client-server voice recording system,
  • DartAV used to playback recorded calls and associated video,
  • DartSched, used to schedule voice recordings and use DartAV to playback the recorded calls,
  • DartAM, used to archive and retrieve the audio files.

The User Interfaces were programmed in Visual Basic 5.0and 6.0, used Visual C++ for the client transaction, connected via TCP/IP using Winsock, FTP,IP*works, as well as writing several active x controls used by other companies, utilizing a Lunix server being used to record and store the audio files. Developed an Intranet application for in house defect tracking, utilizing Interdev, ASP, IIS, ADO, HTML, XML and SQL Server 2000.

DartAV - used to playback the audio and video of a Customer Service Representive call

DartSched - used to schedule calls for Customer Service Representive