Experience for NCR.

November 2017 to Present - Tronsoft, Bellevue, Nebraska.

I retired because I had prostate cancer. Also, My wife was getting old, and somebody needed to be home to take care of her. So I quit and took care of my wife. I got rid of my cancer. And play video games most of the time. I decided that maybe I should do something with my life and went back to school to learn creative writing. I took a couple of courses and then started writing. I have a blog where you can read my essays and have several stories published on a private website. I read an article on what to do with your retirement? What job do you want to take on? And it suggests that your retirement is your chance for a second career. It would be helpful if you chose something you like so that you can take up your time. You could do what you're passionate about, and I am passionate about architecture. I love the way buildings work from the way spaces get are used. Because of this, I have decided to go and get my master's in Architecture. From UNL. I need to get a job to pay for those classes.