February 2005 to August 2007 - infoUSA, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, Software Engineer.

Designed a photo maintenance application (photos of businesses), comprising of over 13 million businesses and 3 million photos. The photos are collected using a portable system by infoUSA collectors as they walk door-to-door collecting the desired information on the businesses in their target area. Photos are transferred very quickly to the home office via Internet connections. The photos are graded and then are added to the photo database, where they are matched to businesses. These photos are then accessed via a web service.

  • Business Photos USA � photo repository and web service to get the correct photo from the database.

A Time Tracker application was created, which is used to track time by project. It was derived from an ASP.NET starter kit, and then was modified for local use. A Wikipedia site was modified to serve as a content portal for InfoUSA, called infopedia.

Provided mentoring for MS development software applications, such as Visual Basic, C Sharp, SQL server, ASP.net, and Java software, using my Eclipse. Developed hundreds of web pages and sites for prototypes.

  • SFI - internal Maintenance Web site
  • TimeTracker - Time tracking web site by project, with time sheet
  • infopedia - content portal for internal use for sales and infomation
  • Data Web Service - provides internal access to photo maintenance system