November 1979 to May 1980 - Columbia Research Corporation, Panama City, Florida, Electronic Engineer.

Responsibilities included designing a computer interface for an automatic crane to off load 75 ton containers from a cargo ship to a lighter ship while in open seas. The system used a ROLM computer for control of the hydraulics of the crane. The project included the design and analysis of a control system utilizing acceleration, velocity and position feedback to monitor load status.

September 1978 to October 1979 - Keltec Florida Inc., Shalimar, Florida, Associate Engineer

Responsible for the design and manufacture of a semiautomatic test set used to test a high voltage distribution power supply for the Raytheon SLQ 32 system for the U.S. Navy. Other projects included a CRT power supply for video projection and did independent research into the design of pulse width modulated power supplies. Performed basic analysis of the design for automatic tests Sets for testing many types of power supplies.

March 1977 to August 1978 - Ormond Inc., Santa Fe Springs, California, Design Engineer.

Involved in the design, packaging, constructing, testing and evaluation of digital weighing systems utilizing the Intel 8049 microprocessor and was responsible for the development and improvement of a 32 bit Analog to Digital converter using an Intel 8048 for control. Specific projects included a market scale, which is used for pricing meats and a general-purpose weigh meter used on all type of digital scales.