May 1980 to June 1984 - General Dynamics, Pomona, California, Design Engineer / Research Engineer Senior.

  • Developed and modified U.S. Army Combat simulation models used by General Dynamics, at various levels including the company and battalion levels.
  • Developed and programmed the following projects:
    • GEMII (Gamp Effectiveness Model revision II) which was used to check out the effectiveness of smart bombs.
    •  SIMCA (Simulation of Combat Attrition) simulates the Soviet breakout in Germany of the near future.
    • CATS (Combined Arms Tactical Simulation) was written to examine the close assault tactics of the use of light anti tank weapons.
    • PDW (Point Defense Weapon simulation) was used to evaluate point defense weapon systems associated with modern naval ships.
    • CSW (Conventional Standoff Weapon simulation) was used to study the effects of a new type of bomb dispenser.
  • Assumed responsibility for writing FIP's (Fault Isolation Procedures) and designing the hardware to be used with them. These FIP's were used on two automatic test sets, which utilized the HP 1000 to test Standard Missiles. The tests involved continuity measurements, resistance measurements, and testing active circuits.