Experience for Radio Engineering Industries

August 2007 to October 2012 - Radio Engineering Industries, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska, Software Engineer.

  • Hired to create and maintain software published by the REI.
  • Fixed and improved an outsourced project called BUS-WATCH which was a DVR player for mobile surveillance system.
  • Created a generic surveillance network to allow the user to view either live (Live View) or recorded the cameras on any transportation system (Play Back), such as school buses, motor coaches, subways and trains.
  • Created a service to listen to and process data from the vehicles (Listener Server)
  • Created a service to process the data and backup the video (Console Server)
  • Provided a service for permanent storage of all the video and be able to access that video at anytime from anyplace (Maintenance Server)
  • Created a service to provide reports for the status of the backups and operation of the devices Reports Server
  • Deleveloped an application (Record Time Estimator) to estimate the length of time a storage device would have given the size of the storage, and the framerate, quality and type of the camera used with the device.
  • Developed several application (Mapinfo, MP1000, Mobile Navigator, and REI Time Tracker) to track licenses for reselling third party software