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Terms - Addititonal Policies

Additional Policies for Customers Located Outside the United States and Canada.

  1. PRICING - All prices are in United States currency.

  2. PAYMENT - The full amount of the order must be paid when the order is placed. Payment must be confirmed before the order is shipped*. All payments MUST be made in United States currency (USD). Payments in other currencies will be refused.

    1. PAYPAL - Technical Sports One PREFERS payment via PayPal for international sales. Upon request, a PayPal invoice with payment instructions will be sent through PayPal. PayPal offers SECURE payment using your credit card and other methods. It is FREE to send money and there is NO CHARGE to open an account. See for more information.

    2. CREDIT CARDS – Technical Sports One accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards and debit cards for international sales.

      For NEW international customers paying by credit card, the following may be REQUIRED at time of order:

      1. A legible copy of the front of the credit card, showing credit card number, expiration date and card holders name
      2. Billing address for the credit card (where the bill is sent)
      3. The 3 digit security code on the back of the card
      4. A legible copy of the credit card holder's government issued photo identification (driver's license or passport)

      The above information and documents may be faxed to (619) 258-0125 or emailed to

    3. WIRE TRANSFER - Technical Sports One accepts payment via wire transfer for international sales. We will forward our bank information upon your request. Wire transfers must specify the "full amount to be paid to beneficiary (Technical Sports One)".
  4. * PAYMENT CONFIRMATION DELAYS BY PAYMENT TYPE - Certain INTERNATIONAL payment types will cause a delay in processing orders:
    1. PayPal - no processing delay unless using eCheck which has a delay of 3 to 5 business days.
    2. Credit Card (not through PayPal) may have a 2 weeks delay, ONLY for new credit card customers.
    3. Wire Transfer - 3 to 5 business days delay
  5. SHIPPING & INSURANCE - Unless otherwise specified by the customer, all international shipments are sent via United States Postal Service, Priority Mail Service. These shipments are insured for actual value of the items shipped. Typical delivery time via Priority Mail Service is 5 to 10 business days from date of shipment. See the Shipping Information page for additional shipping options and information.
  6. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS - It is the solely the customer's responsibility to insure that any and all legal requirements of their country are met prior to shipment, including ALL required import licenses and permits. Any and all import duties and/or taxes are the responsibility of the customer.

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