Career of Calvin Robert Glomb

To become a licensed Architect. In the leiu of this I have applied to Hniversity of Nebraska at Lincoln for a Master's of Architecture.

History as a Software Engineer
With expertise in all aspects of Software development, Human Machine Interfaces and has developed the following applications:

  • Various web Services,
  • Digital Signatures,
  • Configuration Manager,
  • Nursing Home Menu Systems,
  • Truck Maintenance Program,
  • User interfaces for both windows and internet based,
  • Mobile Digital Video Recording Software,
  • Company Intranet web sites,
  • Wikis,
  • Blogs,
  • Time trackers,
  • Commerical Photo websites,
  • Photo web services,
  • Media players,
  • Media players for audio (telephone) and video screen capture,
  • Call schedulers,
  • Archive managers,
  • Active x controls,
  • Cable billing client-server system,
  • Missile application programs,
  • Radar emulation systems,
  • Data reduction packages,
  • Data analysis packages.
  • Accounting packages,
  • Weapon systems simulations,
  • Automatic test programs,
  • Testing hotel reservation client-server system,
  • Architected client-server systems
  • Converting legacy applications