About Calvin Robert Glomb

I spent 35 years as a software engineer. I retired because I developed prostate cancer. Three years after I retired, my wife passed and left a hole in my life, causing me to look at my life. I am going back to school to become an architect.

I have been around in the IT world for more than 40 years. My career followed the development of the PC from email, thru BBS's, gophers, ftp, to the internet and SOA's. I have experienced most of the changes in IT, which most people just read about. Every job that I ever had, I got was not based on my past experiences, but for the potential I bought with me. Every job required that I learn new technologies, new modeling skills, new design techniques and new testing abilities.

I am very creative, and a very fast learner. I pick up new skills at the drop of a hat. I get bored just doing maintenance. I prefer to be the explorer, creating new paths, to go where no man has gone before. I am constantly going to school to learn the new technologies (I have four degrees). I am a beta tester for Microsoft, atalsoft, and several other companies, I love breaking in new software, checking out the limits.

Tron Software Limited is a private, not for profit company, used to do research and development in the IT world. It is my company, and I used it to stay current with technology. My latest project is the windows home server. My research has shown me, that almost all of the software required for most of the current websites has already been written. Even your web site is based on the current template for online internet stores. Innovation is hard to do, while code reuse is cheap. I am not saying that code reuse is bad, in today's world, it is required. The question is how to apply the current crop of code, and then make it better. How do you create something that does not exist, even as an idea?

I am sometimes called the software guru, software wizard and various other names. I am creative, passionate, bright, and talented. I am currently looking for a company that can use my skills, and abilities. I can fill so many different positions within a company that many companies do not know what to do with me. I am a problem solver, in that When a problem is encountered I look for a way to fix it, and not who to blame.

As for software, I prefer to use Microsoft products, but java/unix is acceptable. As long as I have all the tools, applications and programs to support the environment. Since most companies use both environments, I will need access to both. A universal subscription to Microsoft, will keep the software up to date.