About Me

Architect, analyze, design and implement interfaces for client-server applications and the internet. To learn all there is to know about the internet.

Description of my ideal company:
Any company which requires a user interface to access their services, either internal or external to the company. These User Interfaces can be an application, internet or web based, or special hardware devices.

Software Engineer with expertise in all aspects of Software development, Human Machine Interfaces and has developed the following applications:

  • User interfaces for both windows and internet based,
  • Mobile Digital Video Recording Software,
  • Company Intranet web sites,
  • Wikis,
  • Blogs,
  • Time trackers,
  • Commerical Photo websites,
  • Photo web services,
  • Media players,
  • Media players for audio (telephone) and video screen capture,
  • Call schedulers,
  • Archive managers,
  • Active x controls,
  • Cable billing client-server system,
  • Missile application programs,
  • Radar emulation systems,
  • Data reduction packages,
  • Data analysis packages.
  • Accounting packages,
  • Weapon systems simulations,
  • Automatic test programs,
  • Testing hotel reservation client-server system,
  • Architected client-server systems
  • Converting legacy applications